Information Security Engineer

Tel Aviv
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Big Ideas. Real People. 

At Orca, in the right environment and with the right team, talent has no boundaries. This team spirit, together with our drive to always aim high, has quickly earned us unicorn status and turned us into a global cloud security innovation leader. So if you’re ready to join an amazing team of people who inspire each other every day, now is the time to find your place in our pod. 

We’re looking for driven and talented people like you to join our R&D team and our mission to change the future of cloud security. Ready to dive in and swim with our pod? 


  • High-growth: In just 4 years, we’ve reached milestones that take other companies a decade or more. We’ve doubled our employee count, tripled our customer count, and rapidly expanded our product capabilities.
  • Disruptive innovation: Our founders saw that traditional security didn’t work for the cloud—so they set out to carve a new path. We’re relentless pioneers who invented agentless technology and continue to be the most comprehensive and innovative cloud security company.
  • Well-capitalized: With a valuation of $1.8 billion, Orca is a cybersecurity unicorn dominating the cloud security space. We’re backed by an impressive team of investors such as Capital G, ICONIQ, GGV, and SVCI, a syndicate of CISOs who invest their own money after conducting their due diligence.
  • Respectful and transparent culture: Our executives pride themselves on being accessible to everyone and believe in sharing knowledge with the employees. Each employee has a place in shaping the future of our industry


On a typical day you’ll: Be responsible for completing a thorough software and systems risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within a network, and creating firewall rules, hardenings, or configuring systems to enhance existing security features.
Is expected to respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solutions in a cost-effective way. They must also be proficient in:
  • Understanding complex technical issues and managing them within a fast-paced business environment
  • Maintaining all the software and hardware in relation to security
  • Documenting security certifications
  • Identifying current and emerging technology issues including security trends, vulnerabilities and threats
  • Threat intelligence
  • Sourcing and implementing new security solutions to better protect the organization
  • Conducting proactive research to analyze security weaknesses and recommend appropriate strategies
  • Liaising with vendors to implement security solutions
About you:
  • IT or Security related degree or certification
  • At least 3 years of experience in similar positions.
  • Knowledge and experience managing and deploying systems and processes similar to:
  • Security protocols functionality
  • Firewalls, URL filtering, email and domain protections
  • EDR/EPP anti-malware products
  • SIEM systems management and configurations
  • Security incidents alerting and monitoring processes
  • Incident Response processes
  • Outstanding communication skills that go beyond “tech talk” – the ability to translate complex IT matters to those without an IT background
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Previous exposure to MAC, Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • Coding languages: Python, Bash, Powershell, minimum knowledge is a must


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