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Orca Security is THE cloud security innovation leader, providing deeper visibility into AWS, Azure, and GCP in minutes without the operational costs of agents. With Orca Security, there is complete coverage; there are no overlooked assets, no network scanners, no DevOps headaches, and no performance hits on live environments. 

Unlike legacy tools that operate in silos, Orca treats your cloud as an interconnected graph of assets, prioritizing risk based on environmental context. This reduces thousands of meaningless security alerts to provide you with only the critical few that matter, along with their precise path to remediation. 


● Fast growth: This company has momentum. It’s THE opportune time to join Orca Security. 

Disruptive technology: Orca Security completely changed the way cloud is secured and is leading a new approach of how security solutions should be built. It’s completely agentless and detects every important risk in the cloud environment down to the data layer. It’s fast, simple, and complete.

Well-capitalized: Total funding is almost $500MM in less than 24 months. CapitalG, Redpoint, GGV, YL Ventures, and SVCI. SVCI is a syndicate of CISOs who invested their own money after careful due diligence.

● Founded and led by 8 architects and executives from Check Point and quickly joined by many senior engineers from Palo Alto and CheckPoint. 


Reporting to: Head of WW Sales and Marketing Operations

This person will be the point of contact for any users within the company who have questions or need to be trained on a certain Salesforce product. Have a high-level of appreciation for the importance of data collection and analytics. They will have a sales analyst reporting to him/her and be responsible for training employees how to best use Salesforce.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a high potential candidate to make a huge impact during our hyper-growth phase. 

On a typical day you’ll:

  • Lead the technical design and implementation of Salesforce solutions

Demonstrate deep knowledge of product offerings and solutions, mapping functional requirements to Salesforce features and functionality. Partnering with the Operations team, identify and gather requirements from users and stakeholders translating into best practice, scalable solutions with a focus on exceptional user experience. You will build out automation and processes in Salesforce that help our business to scale.

  • Create New User Profiles and Monitor Access Level

You are the gatekeeper of our Orca’s sales and marketing data. You will create each user account and determine the proper level of access based on the employee’s role within the company.. The salesforce administrator is responsible for user and license management including new user setup/deactivation, roles, profiles, permissions, public groups, and sharing rules.

  •  Run Deduplication Tools

Duplicate data clogs up Salesforce and keep it from running at full force. Use deduplication tools like Cloudingo or Ring Lead to scrub duplicate data from database at least once a week.

  •  Run Quarterly Database Maintenance Reports

Run many tests and reports to keep an eye on the health of the database. These include APEX tests, field utilization reports, roles by profile reports, and several others depending on the needs of one’s employer.

  •  Create and Maintain Archive for Field History Tables

Keep records that go back at least 12 months and preferably 18 months. This includes documenting all error reports and all changes to field history tables.

  •  Train Salesforce Users and Address User Issues as They Arise

Educate employees on new updates and onboard new hires whose role involves access to Salesforce.



  • Bachelor's degree required and/or Salesforce Administration Certification
  • Salesforce expertise – working knowledge of various secondary products and solutions offered by Salesforce including Communities, as well as the ability to teach basic Salesforce functions
  • Conversion rate optimization – Data analysis skills to ensure the sales team’s conversion rate are calculated properly
  • Data management – Salesforce administrators use the principles of data management to keep data organized, clean , and easy to use
  • Problem-solving skills – Has been the point person employees contact if they have an issue accessing Salesforce, they rely on their problem-solving skills daily
  • Strong attention to detail – Experience managing large data sets and routinely checking data for accuracy both require strong attention to detail

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