ResearchPeerPaper™ Report 2022: How Orca Security Delivers on the CNAPP Promise

Cloud security is complex and attacks are constantly evolving. If issues like cloud misconfiguration occur, sensitive data could get exposed, production delays could occur, and cloud security gaps could be exploited. 

What are the steps leading organizations are taking today to migrate, operate, and build secure applications in the cloud and manage cloud risks? Real users are weighing in with a variety of use cases and best practices.

Download the independent PeerPaper(™) Report to learn about the features security leaders are now considering when selecting a platform to secure workloads in the cloud, including:

  • Consolidating the capabilities of multiple tools in one platform
  • Agentless design with unified data model for seamless monitoring
  • Context-aware risk prioritization
  • CI/CD security with shift-left integrations
  • Vendor support and ratings

“Orca provides the capability for agentless data collection directly from your cloud configuration and from the workloads’ runtime block storage, which is one of the massive advantages of the tool.” - Chief Risk Officer, Financial Services

Source: PeerPaper™ Report 2022: How Orca Security Delivers on the CNAPP, May 2022, All Rights Reserved.