On-Demand Webinar

Securing Kubernetes at Scale: Deploying Uncrackable Clusters

Enterprises and cloud native organizations around the world have gravitated towards Kubernetes for powering their applications and tech stacks. Why? Kubernetes provides users with always-on orchestration of their microservices-driven applications.

As security teams partner with DevOps teams to secure their applications, organizations have a lot of security requirements to consider, including: vulnerability management of their hosts and applications, secure networking, access control measures, and more. At the same time, DevOps workflows provide many new ways to integrate security in an automated fashion.

In this webinar, Orca Security’s VP of Cloud Security Evangelism Keith Mokris; Security Engineer Jacob Graves; and CTO, Techstrong Research Mitch Ashley will explain:

  • Kubernetes architectures and how microservices are the new way of running applications
  • Security controls that are vital for protecting Kubernetes at scale
  • The latest trends and survey data from TechStrong