On-Demand WebinarVisibility across clouds… Is it a myth?

What if you could achieve 100% cloud visibility in your serverless environment? Serverless architecture offers a number of benefits over traditional cloud or server-centric infrastructures, including improved flexibility, greater scalability, faster time-to-release and update, and increased ROI.

In this recorded webinar, Dan Kirch, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Techstrong Research and John Alexander, Senior Director, Technical Product Marketing, Orca Security, share insights on the need to increase visibility across multiple cloud environments and the business and technical challenges they are observing in the market. 

Watch the recording to learn outcomes from our Serverless Technology Trends Report and gain insights on how teams can:

  • Use serverless architecture to reduce complexity and friction
  • Gain visibility across hybrid environments
  • Focus on the alerts that matter versus chasing alert storms