Lessons From the Trenches: What We Learned This Year to Get Cloud Security Right

Today’s risks in the cloud continue to rapidly evolve, including vulnerabilities that impact applications, misconfigurations that expose sensitive data, attacks that look for footholds and lateral movement across services, and identity and entitlement risks. Security teams can struggle to keep up with the evolution of risks and find using traditional security technologies ill-suited to address the cloud. 

At Orca Security, we believe that cloud security should enable business innovation – delivering a unified platform to address all the risks you have in the cloud. In this session, Orca Security CEO and Co-Founder Avi Shua will cover: 

  • How organizations are navigating the complex cloud ecosystem and approaching security – threats from the last year, including Log4J, the Confluence Security Advisory, and Orca Security Pod security advisories
  • How Orca Security is building a leading agentless platform for securing the cloud, with an overview of our recent product announcements
  • The latest capabilities as part of the Orca Cloud Security Platform