on-demand webinar Enabling Rapid Development Without Compromising Cloud Security

Development teams are quickly deploying applications to the cloud, resulting in greater scale and faster time to market. But as security teams work to incorporate security into development and DevOps workflows, they face multiple challenges keeping up with the speed and volume of releases. This can lead to unauthorized access to applications, introduction of malware, exposed cloud services, and data loss.

Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst, ESG Research; Ido Geffen, VP, Product, Orca Security; and Keith Mokris, VP, Product Evangelism, Orca Security shares results from new GitOps and Shift Left Security Survey, including:

  • How the cloud-native cybersecurity threat landscape is intensifying
  • Security concerns around Open Source Software and Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Challenges caused by faster CI/CD development cycles
  • What you can do to enable rapid development without compromising on security

1Marks, M. 2022. Walking the Line: GitOps and Shift Left Security. ESG Research