Workload misconfigurations

Redundant Service Found on Windows VM

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It was found that a few redundant services are running on the server. As a best practice, it is recommended to disable every redundant service on the operation system to improve its resilient to compromise. The redundant service on Windows operating system are: AxInstSV, bthserv, CDPUserSvc, PimIndexMaintenancesvc, dmwappushsvc, MapsBroker, lfsvc, SharedAccess, lltdsvc, wlidsvc, NgcSvc, NgcCtnrSvc, NcbService,PhoneSvc, Spooler, PrintNotify, PcaSvc, QWAVE, RmSvc, SensorDataService, SensrSvc, SensorService, ShellHWDetection, ScDeviceEnum, SSDPSRV, WiaRpc, OneSyncSvc, TabletInputService, upnphost, UserDataSvc, UnistoreSvc, WalletService, Audiosrv, AudioEndpointBuilder, FrameServer, stisvc, wisvc, icssvc, WpnService, WpnUserService, XblAuthManager, XblGameSave.