5 Ways Orca Security and AWS Establish Zero-Trust in the Cloud

Orca’s single, agentless SaaS-based platform delivers cloud workload protection and cloud security posture management, including vulnerability management and compliance, for Amazon Web Services, without the gaps in coverage, alert fatigue, organizational friction, and operational costs of agent-based solutions.

Establish Zero-Trust

Establishing a Zero-Trust program is a  critical strategy to help security teams govern security across cloud and on-premise environments. As an AWS Software Partner, Orca is committed to working closely with you and AWS to secure your AWS cloud estate. Aligning with the NIST Cyber Security Framework, this guide details 5 primary categories of protection in the cloud – Data, Infrastructure, Applications, Identities and Entitlements, and the Networks connected between them – which the Orca Cloud Security Platform addresses from a single unified platform.

This guide explores:
  • 5 areas you can address to reduce your overall security risk and establish Zero-Trust in your cloud environment

  • How to secure your AWS cloud estate

  • How Orca and AWS are better together

Trusted by enterprises across the globe

“Competing solutions are either agent-driven, which can’t keep pace with how engineers build in the cloud, or they’re metadata-driven, which provide limited visibility. Orca Security gives you the visibility of multiple tools in one, saving you time, effort, and money.”

Kevin Paige Chief Information Security Officer

“I’ve been working with vulnerability assessment solutions for over 20 years. I even wrote a book on how to build a vulnerability management strategy. I’ve never seen anything like the Orca Security platform before. This product is a gem.”

Morey Haber CTO and CISO