The Essential Guide to Cloud Detection and Response (CDR)

Security teams are responsible for detecting and preventing threats in their cloud estates. Yet, existing EDR, TDR and XDR solutions don’t have insight into cloud telemetry, require agents, and only examine workload risks without looking at the control plane.

Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) gives security leaders the control and visibility their teams need to detect threats in their cloud estates and respond fast.

For organizations seeking CDR solutions, this guide covers the essentials, including how CDR works and how to select the right Cloud Security Platform with CDR so you and your teams gain powerful benefits, including:

  • Cloud threat detection and rapid response to stop active attacks fast
  • Risk remediation to patch vulnerabilities proactively and prevent breaches
  • Alert prioritization to triage alerts with Security Operations and DevOps teams

Download our eBook on how to detect cloud threats and respond to them fast in the cloud.

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