Walking the Line: GitOps and Shift Left Security

Open Source Software and modern development technologies like IaC are enabling DevOps teams to quickly deploy applications to the cloud, leaving security teams struggling to keep up.  

ESG Research surveyed 350 IT and cybersecurity professionals to better understand the challenges organizations face with current security processes and faster cloud-native development lifecycles.

In fact, 45% of respondents reported software being released without going through security checks or testing and 43% reported having a lack of visibility and control in the development processes. (1)

Download Walking the Line: GitOps and Shift Left Security to gain insights about the:

  • Top security concerns and challenges faced by security teams
  • Prevalence of GitOps, Security-as-Code, and cybersecurity user stories
  • Elements of the cloud-native application stack most susceptible to compromise
  • Best solutions for effectively securing software without disrupting development processes

Find out how organizations are reducing risk by adding security to development processes without disruption.

(1) Marks, M. 2022. Walking the Line: GitOps and Shift Left SecurityESG Research.

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