How to CISO in the Cloud: Executive Summary

“How to CISO in the Cloud” is a two-part guide providing step-by-step recommendations for security leaders looking to create a strong cloud security plan, whether they’re starting from scratch or updating an existing one. Mapping out a plan to tackle the ever-increasing number of risks can be challenging, leaving many CISOs wondering where to begin.

Written from a real-life CISO’s perspective, “How to CISO in the Cloud” explores how to create a robust plan that works for your specific organization. Download this executive summary to get insights into:

  • Two key considerations every CISO should think about to help them create a strategy that helps the organization achieve security
  • Specific questions security leaders can ask themselves to get an understanding of their organization’s security gaps
  • How to prioritize where you want to focus your attention based on your organization’s needs

Read this executive summary to kickstart building a cloud security strategy that works.

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