The easy availability of cloud services has provided a way to develop and deliver new applications and services in a way that is more flexible, more responsive to changing demand, and more cost effective than traditional approaches. However, this dynamic virtual infrastructure creates security challenges.

Why a dynamic approach to cloud security is essential
How to achieve deep visibility into your cloud environments without the use of agents or network scanners

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“Competing solutions are either agent-driven, which can’t keep pace with how engineers build in the cloud, or they’re metadata-driven, which provide limited visibility. Orca Security gives you the visibility of multiple tools in one, saving you time, effort, and money.”

Kevin Paige

Chief Information Security Officer


“I’ve been working with vulnerability assessment solutions for over 20 years. I even wrote a book on how to build a vulnerability management strategy. I’ve never seen anything like the Orca Security platform before. This product is a gem.”

Morey Haber