2022 Cloud Security Alert Fatigue Report

To better understand the scale of alert fatigue, its impact on cloud security teams, as well as possible solutions, Orca Security commissioned a global survey of more than 800 IT security professionals. The results were shocking:

  • Security teams are inundated with cloud security alerts: 59% of respondents receive more than 500 cloud security alerts per day.
  • Critical alerts are being missed: 55% of respondents said that critical alerts are being missed, often on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Alert fatigue causes turnover and internal friction: 62% of respondents say that alert fatigue has contributed to turnover, and 60% of respondents said that alert fatigue has created internal friction.

To learn more about the causes of this issue, how your company stacks up, and steps for solving the alert fatigue problem, download our report today.

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