Simplify Cloud Security in a CNAPP

Read the Gartner® report to learn how a single SaaS platform can simplify and streamline the detection and prioritization of critical security risks across your cloud estate.

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Simplify Cloud Security in a CNAPP

Relying on multiple, disparate cloud security solutions results in high TCO, alert fatigue, and blind spots across your public cloud estate. According to Gartner, Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPPs) solve these problems by offering:

One SaaS Platform

CNAPPs consolidate the capabilities of CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, and KSPM solutions into one streamlined platform.

Full Stack Visibility

CNAPPs combine intelligence from deep inside the workload with cloud configuration details to quickly detect and prioritize critical security risks at every layer of the technology stack.

Effective Risk Prioritization

CNAPPs shift the focus from uncontextualized, unconnected individual security issues to broader, interconnected combinations of issues that pose the greatest threat to your business.

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    Orca Security: A CNAPP Pioneer and Leader

    Achieve 100% Visibility and Coverage

    With Orca, there are no agents or network scanners to install. All your cloud assets are covered within minutes of deployment.

    Get Multiple Tools in One Platform

    Orca delivers the core capabilities of CSPM, CWPP, vulnerability management and compliance solutions – in a single solution.

    Prioritize the 1% of Alerts that Matter

    Orca’s context-aware engine prioritizes security alerts based on severity as well as exposure and the business impact of a potential breach.

    Deploy Once, Secure Forever

    Orca automatically detects and monitors new cloud assets as you add them, without requiring additional installation.