Free Log4j Vulnerability Cloud Risk Assessment

Instantly Discover Which Cloud Applications Are Running Log4j2

With the recent discovery of the Log4Shell zero day vulnerability teams are racing to determine where they may be at risk. Orca Security is offering a free, no obligation Cloud Risk Assessment which will surface any Log4Shell vulnerabilities in your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments so you can make sure they get patched before attackers can exploit them.

In addition, you will gain full access to the Orca Cloud Security Platform for 30 days to identify other critical security risks in your cloud environment. Orca’s platform is agentless and as opposed to agent-based solutions, instantly scans each and every cloud asset, providing 100% visibility. Plus, Orca deploys in minutes with no impact to your workloads, no performance hits, and no organizational friction.

Note: The Orca platform is not affected by the Log4j vulnerability. We do not use Java anywhere in our components, and the AWS managed services we use are patched.

Simply deploy Orca, run an initial scan, and in less than 24 hours you’ll find all your Log4J vulnerabilities. You’ll also receive:

  • 1×1 with Cloud Security Expert

    An Orca cloud security expert will walk you through the Risk Assessment program and answer your questions to ensure you’re set up for success!

  • Key Risk Findings Report

    A detailed summary of your cloud security risks and an executive presentation with an Orca expert who will review the downloadable report findings with you.

  • Full Access to the Platform

    Get full access to Orca’s platform for 30 days and immediately get actionable insights and remediation recommendations for your most critical security risks.

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After a quick, 30-minute deployment process and initial scan, Orca surfaces the most critical security risks in your workloads and cloud configurations.


Understand your current cloud security risk profile.


Know the most critical risks in your environment and opportunities for remediation.


Immediately improve your cloud security posture with actionable insights and remediation recommendations.

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