The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Security and Compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP

The pressure is on to ensure your cloud estate is configured correctly, access secured, PII controlled, malware-free, and that attackers — should they gain access — can’t move laterally and cause a disruption or breach.

This ultimate guide covers the pros and cons of current solutions and includes a comprehensive solutions comparison table.

Download the guide to understand more about:

Hidden cloud risks

Learn the 7 Major risks hiding within your cloud estate.

Conventional solutions

Pros and cons of conventional cloud security solutions (native tooling, agent-based, authenticated, and unauthenticated scanners).

Why one SaaS?

The benefits of combining CSPM, CWPP, and CIEM into a single SaaS-based platform.

An emerging category

How and why several cloud security categories are combining into a new emerging category Gartner calls Cloud-Native Application Security.

Orca’s solution

How Orca Security provides instant-on security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Obtain complete security coverage and visibility with Orca

Agents and network scanners leave you with major blind spots, and are not effective for cloud, containers, and serverless. Orca Security can help you solve conventional cloud security challenges by providing

Full visibility

Orca dives deep into the workload without the blind spots, constraints, and operational costs of legacy tools.

Full coverage

Orca covers 100% of your cloud assets — now and in the future — including VMs, containers, serverless and many more.

No performance impact

Orca collects data directly from the cloud provider’s API and from the workload’s runtime block storage out-of-band — meaning no code runs in your environment.