The Ultimate Guide to Google Cloud Asset Visibility

Google Cloud deployments are skyrocketing globally, and the pressure is on to ensure your cloud estate is configured correctly, access secured, PII controlled, malware-free, and that attackers — should they gain access — can’t move laterally and cause disruption or breach

This ultimate guide covers the pros and cons of current cloud security solutions and includes a comprehensive comparison table. It concludes with what the future holds for gaining deeper visibility into your Google Cloud cloud estate.

Download the guide to understand more about:

Orca coverage visibility
Full-stack visibility across four layers

The 4-level offering complete visibility inside the Google Cloud environment.

Security Risks of Google Cloud Deployments

The 4 cloud layers and a breakdown of their specific security concerns.

Conventional solutions

Pros and cons of conventional cloud security solutions (native tooling, agent-based, authenticated, and unauthenticated scanners).

Orca’s solution

Combining CSPM, CWPP, and CIEM into a single SaaS-based platform, Orca Security delivers instant-on cloud workload protection, compliance, and cloud security posture management for Google Cloud.