On-Demand WebinarHow to Manage Cloud Risk in an Ever Moving As-a-Service environment

Webinar highlighting new risks and security visibility challenges to manage in ever changing As-A-Service environments such as PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, etc.

As software development and infrastructure becomes more efficient and agile with cloud adoption, it also presents DevOps and DevSecOps teams with a multitude of cloud security challenges, including governance, risk management, workload standards, and friction between developers and security.

In this on-demand webinar from the ‘PSBE The Future of Cyber Security Conference’, Orca’s Principal Technical Evangelist Patrick Pushor speaks about the evolution of software development and outlines five specific cloud risk management strategies to help you move fast and stay secure, including:

  • Keeping visibility wide, deep, and unified
  • Finding low friction ways to measure risk
  • Containing the “blast” radius
  • And, 2 more!
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