When making business purchasing decisions, quantifiable metrics such as return on investment (ROI) can be very helpful when determining to what extent an expenditure will help drive organizational goals such as increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved processes. ROI calculations can also be valuable when presenting proposals to different stakeholders, and is often something that C-level executives and board members will ask for when making significant purchasing decisions.

For this reason, Orca Security commissioned an independent ROI review of the Orca Cloud Security Platform by cybersecurity analyst firm TAG Cyber. In their report, they conclude that organizations deploying Orca can expect to achieve an annual ROI of at least 207% in quantitative benefits, as well as further qualitative benefits.

Cloud Security ROI

How can you calculate the return on investment of a cloud security platform? There are many ways a cloud security platform can provide an organization with cost savings, including risk reduction, increased efficiency, reduced chance of regulatory fines, improved workflows, and decreased license costs through tool consolidation. The degree in which organizations will see these benefits and cost savings does however greatly depend on the type of cloud security solution selected and the time to value (TTV) it offers.

2023 TAG Cyber Report: Orca Provides 207% Annual ROI

Orca commissioned analyst firm TAG Cyber to conduct an independent Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of the Orca Cloud Security Platform. TAG Cyber is a trusted cybersecurity research analyst firm that provides unbiased industry insights and recommendations to security solution providers and Fortune 500 enterprises. 

Their independent review concludes that organizations deploying the Orca Platform can expect to achieve an annual ROI of at least 207% in quantitative benefits, as well as further qualitative benefits. 

In the report they state that their “ROI approach is designed to be conservative so that readers will be comfortable that the reported benefits are tangible and not exaggerated”.

How Orca Delivers Quantifiable Savings

The TAG Cyber Report states that “this analysis involves the tangible, quantitative benefits an enterprise team will see that can actually reduce budget through fees paid to staff, vendors and third parties.” 

Based on an organization with 1,200 cloud assets, TAG Cyber concludes that the Orca Platform provides over $1M in annual savings, as shown in the table below.

Description of SavingsOrca Annual Savings
Avoided agent installations, maintenance, downtime and degradation$393k
Avoided license costs for security point solutions such as CSPM, CWPP, and CIEM$317k
Avoided breach costs due to lack of visibility and blind spots$300k
Total savings$1M+

Qualitative Savings with the Orca Platform

In addition to quantitative savings, the TAG Cyber Report highlights the following qualitative savings that the Orca Platform provides:

  • Single Cloud-Security for Multiple Platforms: Orca’s comprehensive coverage allows teams to consolidate their multi-cloud security protection into one unified and centrally administered platform, allowing staff to spend less time administering multiple platforms and more time on security analysis.
  • Reduced Alert Fatigue: Leveraging Orca’s contextual understanding of the cloud environment combined with attack path analysis, security practitioners can reduce time spent reviewing alerts and deciding which issues need to be addressed first, so they can start remediating faster. 
  • Tool Consolidation: Security teams only need to check one administration console for alerts and can thus avoid having to correlate siloed alerts from disparate tools, which are often duplicated.

The Value of the Orca Cloud Security Platform

So what sets Orca apart from other cloud security platforms? Firstly, it doesn’t require agents to detect cloud risks. Instead, Orca deploys in under 30 mins and immediately starts scanning your entire cloud environment. Within hours, Orca will show you all your cloud risks–from malware, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations, to overprivileged identities, sensitive data at risk, and much more. 

Once deployed, Orca ensures full, continuous coverage of 100% of your assets, including any newly added assets. Not only does Orca show you all your risks, it also prioritizes the most critical attack paths, i.e. combinations of risks, so teams instantly understand which issues need to be remediated first. With Orca’s guided and automated remediation options, teams can get issues fixed faster – allowing them to actually start working strategically to get the biggest improvement in cloud security posture instead of just being reactive.

Orca automatically prioritizes the most dangerous risks and attack paths in your cloud environment

Now let’s compare this to agent-based cloud security solutions. These solutions require agents to be deployed on every asset before they can provide any risk insight. Deployment of these solutions not only takes weeks or months, but they also lead to serious blind spots caused by uncovered assets (on average about 50% of assets are not covered by an agent). This greatly diminishes their ability to protect organizations from security breaches. 

Since many are point solutions, or poorly integrated solutions without a central data model, it’s not possible to understand risk context and how different risks can be combined to create attack paths to your most critical assets. This means that security teams are operating in the dark and not addressing the most serious threats first.

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