Empower your teams with a single, unified CISO cloud security platform

Cloud security should integrate into your existing enterprise security program without blind spots or a laundry list of alerts lacking context.

Feel confident knowing you have comprehensive coverage

Empower your team with a unified platform offering the ability to quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate risks that matter most. 

  • Know what’s needed for your organization based on its unique qualities: by industry, cloud environment and relevant risks
  • Uncover critical alerts in one clear, concise solution so you can focus on the path to remediation faster than ever

Leave blind spots in the past by leveraging patented agentless SideScanning technology that reduces operational burden on your teams.

Image of a CISO cloud security solution
Graphic art representing a cloud security solution

Implement a platform that improves your CISO cloud security strategy

Put pen to paper with a personalized, holistic plan that works for everyone in your organization.

  • Understand how your current tools may be leaving your organization vulnerable, and what you can do about it
  • Employ a modern cloud security platform covering every cloud and asset, from build to runtime and everything in between
  • Feel confident with the executive team that your security solution enables the organization to accelerate business forward

Make every quarter a success story

Learn how to consistently refine your security strategy so your team’s efforts are recognized and your plans implemented.

  • Choose meaningful initiatives and plan for necessary changes
  • Socialize your plan and soothe organizational friction
  • Celebrate victories that promote a winning security program
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Orca has you covered


San Diego, California, USA


IT Security

cloud environment

AWS, Azure

"I’ve been working with vulnerability assessment solutions for over 20 years. I even wrote a book on how to build a vulnerability management strategy. I’ve never seen anything like the Orca Security platform before. This product is a gem."

Morey Haber CTO & CIO

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Data and Artificial Intelligence

cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“Orca Security provides similar capabilities to what agents on boxes do and more, but with no impact on engineering. It’s beautiful. Exactly what I want.”

Caleb Sima VP of Information Security

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North America



cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“Anything that impacts development is going to be met with resistance. But with Orca SideScanning there is zero impact on systems. It’s also easy to use.”

Jonathan Jaffe CISO

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