Malware Detection

Malware detection built for the cloud

Orca’s agentless SideScanning™ performs signature-based and heuristic malware scanning with no impact on cloud workloads to effectively detect and prioritize malware on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Cloud malware detection with agents doesn’t work

For malware detection to be effective, cloud assets must be completely and regularly scanned without impacting performance. Agent-based solutions are resource intensive and don't scale well in the cloud, allowing threats to go undetected.

  • Agent-based malware scanning impacts cloud workload performance.

  • Less than 50% of cloud assets are covered by legacy security solutions. 1
  • Relying on agent-based tools to detect malware is an endless per asset maintenance nightmare.

Orca solves malware detection in the cloud

Orca's agentless approach to cloud malware detection ensures complete and continuous coverage of 100% of your cloud estate with ZERO performance impact.

Deploy once—
secure forever

Set it and forget it. Orca provides complete malware coverage for your cloud assets with no impact on performance. Got devices that don’t support agents? No problem. Even idle, paused, and orphaned systems are covered.

  • Orca's agentless SideScanning technology examines cloud workloads for malware out-of-band, eliminating the performance impact and operational overhead of agents.
  • Orca takes snapshots from outside of your running environment and scans cloud assets for malware so there's no need to schedule downtime, no risk to operations, and no impact to data.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with regulations and standards that require malware detection.

A multi-pronged approach to malware detection

Orca uses SideScanning in conjunction with a variety of malware detection techniques to locate known and potentially malicious code in your cloud workloads and resources, such as storage buckets.

  • Signature-based scanning looks for file hashes (signatures) of known malware.
  • Heuristic file analysis closely inspects files to determine their purpose, destination, and intent. For example, if a file's only purpose is to delete specific files, it can be flagged as malware.
  • Dynamic scanning executes a file in a controlled virtual environment to observe its actions. If the file behaves like malware there is a good chance that it is!
  • Genetic signature detection uses previous malware definitions to discover malware within the same family.

Yes, Orca detects
malware in the cloud




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AWS, Azure

“We needed a solution that could provide complete visibility into our AWS environment while also scanning for malware, identifying misconfigurations, and protecting PII.”

Charles PoffVP of Information Security