Agentless Cloud Security

Cloud security that deploys in minutes and offers deep and wide risk visibility


Agent-Based Solutions Don’t Work in the Cloud

Agents require tedious integration with each workload, causing dangerous blind spots, high TCO, performance degradation, and limiting the ability of your already overworked IT and DevOps teams to move at cloud speed.

Partial deployment of agents causes serious blind spots. On average, we found that less than 50% of assets are covered by agent-based solutions.

Before risks can be detected, agent-based solutions require installation on each workload, which is simply not feasible given the ephemeral nature of the cloud.

If security does not integrate effortlessly with DevOps workflows, priority mismatches and confusion about team responsibilities will lead to frustration and remediation delays.

Running agents on workloads has a significant impact on asset performance and system resources, especially if assets need multiple agents installed for different point solutions.


Orca’s SideScanning is a revolutionary new approach that addresses the shortcomings of agent-based solutions by collecting data from the workloads’ runtime block storage without requiring agents. Orca then reconstructs the workload’s file system – OS, applications, and data – in a virtual read-only view, and performs a full risk analysis with zero performance impact on the workloads themselves.

An ‘MRI’ for your cloud estate

SideScanning is a bit like a medical MRI scanner – instead of using needles and scalpels, the MRI machine diagnoses health issues through non-invasive scanning of organs and tissue. SideScanning is similar in that it scans all cloud assets and their interconnectivity, providing deep and wide visibility into the entire cloud estate, without affecting the assets in any way.

An MRI Cloud State
Workload Telemetry

Capturing workload telemetry that no other cloud security solution can

SideScanning covers all major workload types, including Linux and Windows VMs, containers and container images, and serverless functions. While most solutions only identify basic vulnerabilities, Orca provides detailed data on compliance issues, log inspection, file integrity monitoring, malware analysis, and more to offer telemetry that other solutions lack.

Complete and Prioritized Cloud Risk Intelligence




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“We went from years’ worth of pain to full visibility in a single afternoon. Take it from a guy who is in the trenches—that is profound.”

Peter Robinson Director of Cybersecurity and Business IT

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