Container and Kubernetes Security

Perform extensive security checks at every cloud layer, without requiring agents

An illustration of containers and kubernetes security in the Orca platform

The Challenge

Agents Weren’t Designed for Cloud Native Applications

Agent-based containers and Kubernetes security solutions only provide coverage of cloud workloads that have an agent installed. With the ephemeral nature of cloud-native applications, it is simply not feasible to install agents on every asset, inevitably leading to security gaps. Vendors offering a choice between agents and agentless approaches only add to the complexity and often have hidden limits on their ‘agentless’ capabilities. In addition, legacy solutions only cover cloud workloads and miss risks in the cloud control plane, such as misconfigurations and overly permissive identities.

Partial deployment of agents causes serious blind spots and agents can have a significant performance impact on applications

Security and DevOps teams need to spend countless hours installing, configuring, and maintaining agents, creating organizational friction.

No insight into cloud configurations and identities leaves important security gaps.

Our Approach

Unlike other solutions, Orca is completely agentless and fully deploys in minutes with 100% coverage, providing wide and deep visibility into risks across every layer of your cloud estate. This includes cloud configurations, container images, the Kubernetes control plane, as well as your applications. Orca combines all this information in a Unified Data Model to effectively prioritize risks and recognize when seemingly unrelated issues can be combined to create dangerous attack paths.

Securing Kubernetes scale with Orca Security

Securing Kubernetes at Scale: Deploying Uncrackable Clusters

Agentless container and Kubernetes security

Orca’s patented SideScanning™ technology is a radical new approach that addresses the shortcomings of agent-based cloud security solutions. 

  • Orca collects data directly from your cloud configuration and the workload’s runtime block storage out-of-band.
  • Within minutes, Orca finds and prioritizes your most critical cloud risks, including vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risks, IAM risks, and sensitive data at risk.
  • Unlike other solutions, Orca combines workload-deep intelligence with cloud configuration metadata all in one platform.
Orca Security's dashboard Alerts on Assets feature
Orca Security's dashboard vulnerabilities feature with a summary and findings

Vulnerability management across hosts and images

Orca creates a full inventory of your cloud environment and leverages 20+ vulnerability data sources to discover and prioritize vulnerabilities across your entire cloud estate.

  • Orca’s workload inventory includes information on OS packages, applications, libraries, as well as versions and other identifying characteristics.
  • Unlike other solutions that simply report on the CVSS score, Orca considers the context of cloud assets, their connections and risks, to understand which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first.
  • In rapid response situations such as Log4Shell, Orca allows you to quickly identify vulnerable cloud assets and prioritize patching the ones that pose the greatest risk to the business.

Full stack compliance for your entire application

Orca supports over 100 out-of-the-box compliance templates enabling fast, effective compliance and reporting. For modern cloud native applications, leverage and customize the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks, including Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and more.

  • Leverage pre-built compliance templates for vital industry frameworks, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2 and more
  • Quickly and effectively enable CIS Benchmarks, supporting Linux and Windows hosts, Docker, Kubernetes, and other cloud native technologies
  • Integrate compliance checks into the CI/CD lifecycle to enforce compliance policies and best practices
Orca Security's dashboard Filter feature
An image of Orca Security's Cloud Detection and Response dashboard feature

Detect and respond to cloud attacks

With Orca’s CDR capabilities, organizations can detect, investigate, and respond to cloud attacks in progress: 

  • Detect: Receive alerts when changes and anomalies occur that indicate possible malicious intent versus normal behavior, automatically prioritizing events that endanger the company’s most critical assets.
  • Investigate: Research malicious activity to quickly gain insight into whether the events are malicious and if any of the organization’s critical assets are in danger.
  • Respond: Intercept cloud attacks by leveraging remediation steps and automatically assigning issues using Orca’s 20+ third-party technical integrations (including SOAR, notifications, and ticketing systems).

Orca Simplifies DevOps and DevSecOps Tasks


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“Anything that impacts development is going to be met with resistance. But with Orca SideScanning there is zero impact on systems. It’s also easy to use.”

Jonathan Jaffe CISO

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