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At Orca Security, we’re trusted by customers around the world to secure their multi-cloud environments at scale. See and hear their stories directly about how they’ve transformed their cloud security strategy.

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Understand and prioritize your greatest cloud risks

The Orca Cloud Security Platform easily connects to your cloud environment to deliver complete coverage across all cloud risks – spanning misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity risks, data security, API exposure, and advanced threats:

  • Stop sifting through long lists of alerts and prioritize the top combination of risks that matter
  • Automatically identify PII and crown jewel assets to prevent critical risks to your business
  • Quickly understand contextual risk across multi-cloud environments
A screenshot of an attack path within the Orca platform
A screenshot of the Orca platform showing an overview of a cloud asset

Unify cloud security in a single platform

Orca brings together core cloud security capabilities, including vulnerability management, multi-cloud compliance and posture management, cloud workload protection, container security, and more in a single, purpose-built solution.

  • Enable faster, more effective security outcomes without the need to continually onboard and implement multiple, siloed security tools
  • Easily activate advanced capabilities, such as API Security, Cloud Detection and Response, and Shift Left Security, to address more cloud security challenges and increase visibility
  • Gain unmatched context into your cloud environments to prioritize risks across the entire tech stack


Working together to secure your cloud

Orca Security empowers technology partners and service providers to deliver the most comprehensive coverage and visibility of all risks across the cloud.

Orca Security platform alert dashboard for Apache Log4j vulnerability

The agentless cloud security pioneer

The Orca Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) is built on Orca’s patented SideScanning technology that scans your entire cloud estate to eliminate the gaps in coverage, organizational friction, performance hits, and high operational costs of agent-based solutions.

Orca Cloud Security Platform Connection dashboard and setup

Easy onboarding for instant ROI

Onboard your cloud accounts to the Orca Platform in minutes. Orca automatically detects and monitors new cloud assets as you add them, without requiring any manual updates, increasing operational efficiency and scalability.

Orca Cloud Security Platform Inventory Assets Dashboard

Achieve 100% coverage

Orca provides full-stack visibility and coverage for all your cloud assets across VMs, containers, storage buckets, databases, and serverless applications, so you can understand all of your cloud risks.

Orca Security Platform Discovery Data Model Dashboard

A single platform with a Unified Data Model

As a purpose-built CNAPP Platform, Orca addresses all of your cloud security needs including CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, DSPM, Vulnerability Management, API Security, Compliance, and more – in a single, centralized platform, allowing you to easily query, investigate, and understand all your cloud risks and their context.

Orca Security Platform Threat Repository, Origin, and Risk Dashboard

Quickly trace and remediate risks from Cloud to Dev

Remediating cloud risks is a huge challenge for security teams, especially in a world where DevOps is the norm. Orca not only alerts on an issue, but if applicable, also shows the code origin, even down to the line of code that caused the risk, enabling developers to remediate issues at lightning speed.

Amazon Bedrock in Orca Security

AI-driven cloud security

Orca’s AI-driven capabilities significantly improve cloud security postures and alleviate daily workloads and stress while allowing security teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

Cloud Security Posture Management
Cloud Security Posture Management

Continuously monitor, Identify and remediate misconfigurations across clouds, including cloud infrastructure posture management, automated remediation, pre-deployment IaC scanning, and reporting.

Cloud Workload Protection
Cloud Workload Protection

Protect cloud VMs, containers and Kubernetes applications, and serverless functions across clouds. Prioritize risks and compliance issues, manage workload and application vulnerabilities, identify malware, and integrate security across the full application lifecycle.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Detect identity misconfigurations, ensure least-privilege compliance and access, and monitor identity hygiene metrics. Integrated with leading SSO and IDP tools.

Multi-Cloud Compliance
Multi-Cloud Compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance with over 100 out-of-the-box frameworks, CIS Benchmarks, and custom checks across multiple cloud platforms–instantly covering 100% of your cloud estate to address compliance gaps strategically.

Vulnerability and Patch Management
Vulnerability and Patch Management

Manage vulnerabilities and prioritize risks. Understand operating system, package, and other vulnerability issues across Linux and Windows VMs, container images, and serverless functions.

Shift Left Security
Shift Left Security

Scan Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and container images from a single platform, ensuring that any vulnerabilities, secrets, misconfigurations, and malware are detected early in the development process.

Award-Winning Cloud Security Company

Forbes Cloud 100

Orca Security is proud to be included in the 2023 Forbes Cloud 100.

2023 GigaOm Radar for CSPM

Orca Security is recognized by GigaOm as a Leader and Outperformer for CSPM.

Global AWS Security Partner of the Year

Orca Security is proud to be the 2022 AWS Security Partner of the Year.