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PSBE The Future of Cyber Security
Principal Technical Evangelist Patrick Pushor talks about how you can manage risk in an Ever-Moving As-A-Service Environment in this webcast from the PSBE The Future of Cyber Security Conference.
Principal Technical Evangelist Patrick Pushor breaks down the vendor landscape drawing on Orca and Analyst research, including Gartner’s recent Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Posture Management.
AWS Startup Showcase Program – TheCube Interview featuring Gil Geron of Orca Security
Watch Gil Geron’s interview with David Vellante, CEO & Co-founder, of SiliconANGLE & theCUBE on Agentless Cloud Security for the AWS Startup Showcase Program.
Webinar: Invisible Security At The Speed Of Cloud
Learn how Orca Security empowers Devops teams to build and release software quickly. Watch this Invisible Security At The Speed Of Cloud webinar from the PagerDuty Summit, 2021.
AWS Startup Showcase Program – TheCube Interview featuring Avi Shua of Orca Security
John Furrier, host of theCUBE, spoke with Orca Security CEO Avi Shua during a special Cube Conversation.
Orca Security for AWS 
In this session, you learn how to deploy Orca Security into AWS in minutes﹣ not months ﹣ because no opcode runs within your cloud environment.
AWS re:Inforce 2021 The Unofficial Guide
Top 20 things to know about AWS re:Inforce 2021, Amazon’s cloud cybersecurity conference, which is scheduled for Aug. 24 – 25, 2021, in Houston, TX
On-Demand Webcast
SecurityWeek Webinar on Cloud Security Complexity and Agentless SideScanning Technology
Hear from Jonathan Jaffe, the CISO of Lemonade, and Andra Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, to learn the secrets to achieving high-speed growth while improving your security posture in the cloud.
Webcast: 2021 SANS Cloud Security Survey Panel Discussion
This SANS survey explored the types of services organizations are using, what types of controls and tools provide the most value, and how effective cloud security brokering is for a range of use cases.
Not All Risks are Equal – Why Context Matters in Cloud Security
In this session we discuss our best strategies in the fight against alert fatigue and how to rebuild trust in security intelligence.
Managing Security Risk in an As-A-Service Environment
Managing security risk in a cloud environment is often overlooked due to complexities and constant changes. This webinar shares lessons learned in this area.
Live Oak Bank’s Best Practices for Managing its Public Cloud Estate
Presentation on how Live Oak Bank remains compliant, increases security visibility, and minimizes friction between DevOps and security teams on public cloud
Advanced Tips for Securing Large AWS Environments
Watch this webinar as we provide an overview of how enterprises can secure and scale AWS estates with dozens of accounts.
6 Cloud Security Risks Hiding Inside Your Cloud Estate
You must be familiar with these six cloud security risks hiding inside your public cloud estate. Watch the presentation on-demand or download the presentation slides.
On-Demand Webcast
Digital Transformation – How to Safely Expand Your Cloud Estate
Explore the context for digital transformation, cloud adoption patterns, perspectives on DevOps and cloud-native, and options for addressing cloud security concerns.
FinTech Compliance: Tales from the Cloud
How do you balance speed to market against FinServ compliance mandates – do you have to choose? Learn how to prove to auditors that you’re protecting personal data across your cloud estate.
On-Demand Webcast
Rockstar CISO Virtual Fireside Chat on Eliminating Public Cloud Security Blind Spots
CISO rockstars Selim Aissi SVP & CISO at Ellie Mae, and Robert Allen Global CISO at Gallagher share tips on how to eliminate public cloud security blind spots.
How Turnitin Achieved Security Discipline and Governance Across AWS, Azure, and GCP
Learn how Jack Roehrig, CISO at Turnitin, achieved security discipline and governance across AWS, Azure, and GCP.
2020 Winner of 20X20 Innovation Challenge
Watch Gil Giron, co-founder and chief product officer, deliver his on stage presentation which won the 20X20 Innovation Challenge.
How I got ‘X-ray and thermal vision’ across our public cloud infrastructure.
"Orca Security gives us ‘X-ray and thermal vision’ across our entire cloud infrastructure. It gives us that one alert that pinpoints what we need to pay attention to."
Cloud Security vs On Premise Security: Why Agents Don’t Work for Cloud
Pre-cloud, we installed security agents on servers. Then the cloud made servers virtual so we started running agents on virtual machines. These CISOs say that’s the wrong approach.

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