Agentless security for Amazon Web Services

Get complete security coverage and visibility of your AWS cloud without the organizational friction, high TCO, and performance impact of agents.

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Instant-on security and compliance for AWS cloud

Simplify security and compliance with a single SaaS platform for cloud workload and data protection, cloud security posture management, and vulnerability management. Within minutes, Orca detects and prioritizes the most critical security issues across your entire AWS environment.

Detect critical security risks in your AWS cloud

Orca's SideScanning™ technology reads your cloud configuration and workloads' runtime block storage out-of-band to create a complete risk profile of your AWS cloud estate in minutes.

  • Covers all your AWS workloads - VMs, containers, and serverless, including EC2, EKS, ECS, and Lambda instances
  • Detects vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, IAM risk, lateral movement risk, API risk, unsecured sensitive data, and much more
  • No agents to install or maintain, no organizational friction, no overlooked assets, and no performance impact on your live AWS environment

Deploy Orca in your AWS cloud in minutes

Immediately begin detecting and acting on critical security risks that you were previously blind to in your AWS environment after a quick and easy three-step deployment process:

  1. Simply log into your AWS account and provision Orca with cross-account read-only access.
  2. An embedded AWS CloudFormation template provisions everything required.
  3. Add the role ARN, and you’re done! It’s that simple.

Focus on the AWS security issues that matter most

Orca's context engine separates the 1% of alerts that demand quick action from the 99% that don't, enabling your teams to focus on fixing the most critical security issues before bad actors exploit them.

  • Orca is the only vendor that leverages the full context of your entire AWS cloud by combining intelligence from deep inside workloads and cloud configuration data.
  • Orca sees your AWS cloud assets in context, prioritizing risk not only based on the severity of underlying security issues but also their accessibility and potential business impact.
  • Orca's attack vector graph presents your AWS cloud from an attacker's perspective, providing actionable information so you can stay ahead of your adversaries.

Supercharge Your GuardDuty Threat Intel with Orca

Orca naturally digests Amazon GuardDuty alerts and layers on comprehensive contextual information to provide the basis for triage and prioritizing. Together, the platforms allow mutual customers to continuously monitor malicious activity and unauthorized behavior in your AWS accounts, workloads, and data stored in Amazon S3, while relating such threats to the larger holistic story within your cloud estate.

  • Better Visualization: See how this alert might play a role in a much larger attack path that could lead to the compromise of more sensitive data.
  • More Context: Understand why an alert matters with a summary digest, along with recommended remediations.
  • Accurate Classification: Group GuardDuty and other AWS alerts together based on compliance, severity, asset or risk type.
Supercharge Your GuardDuty Threat Intel with Orca

Simplify AWS compliance with a single platform

Achieve continuous compliance at cloud scale by replacing multiple, disparate tools with a single cloud security platform that covers 100% of your AWS assets, avoiding compliance gaps and failed audits.

  • Meet over 100 compliance frameworks and key CIS benchmarks, including NIST 800-53, SOC 2, ISO 27001, AWS CIS, Docker CIS, Apache CIS, and Windows CIS, to name a few.
  • Demonstrate your ability to meet key data privacy mandates in your AWS environment, including PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
  • Leverage Orca's built-in compliance templates, or customize them to meet your specific needs.

Get actionable security intelligence

Empower your AWS security teams to easily query critical data and automate the investigation and assignment of cloud security issues to improve efficiency, expedite remediation, and maintain continuous compliance.

  • Leverage 600+ built-in queries or customize them with Orca’s intuitive and flexible query builder — no development experience needed.
  • Forward alerts to email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or Slack, and enable automated ticketing with Jira or ServiceNow.
  • Alerts include rich contextual information to allow remediation teams to operate independently and efficiently.

About Orca and AWS

Orca is an AWS Security ISV partner. Orca achieved AWS Security Competency and is AWS Service Ready for Amazon Linux 2. Orca is also a member of the exclusive AWS Co-sell program, ISV Accelerate, and is integrated with multiple AWS services and products, including EC2 Image Builder, Private Link, and more. Orca is available for purchase in the AWS Marketplace.

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“Orca took half an hour to set up and fully deploy for the POC. “It was nothing to get it going,” Jaffe says. “We saw results immediately. In under 24 hours, we could see all the resources and the environment in all of our AWS accounts.”

Jonathan JaffeCISO

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“We have 12 AWS accounts. We didn’t know what’s in all of them, so we plugged them into Orca. Within 30 minutes we had a good idea of what was running in all accounts. We couldn’t have done that so quickly any other way.”

Jeremy TurnerSenior Cloud Security Engineer

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“We deployed Orca Security in seconds—literally. It took me less than three minutes to get a cloud environment up and running.”

Aaron BrownSenior Cloud Security Engineer

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“We went from years’ worth of pain to full visibility in a single afternoon. Take it from a guy who is in the trenches—that is profound.”

Peter RobinsonDirector of Cybersecurity and Business IT

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