Cloud security that keeps DevOps agile

Orca Security’s agentless cloud security platform for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud allows DevOps teams to develop and deliver applications quickly and securely by integrating cloud security and compliance checks early into the CI/CD development process, without requiring you to install and maintain agents.

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Legacy security solutions hold DevOps back

Traditional cloud security solutions impose restrictions on DevOps teams with tedious agent deployment requirements, unprioritized alerts, deficient CI/CD integration options, and limited technology integrations.

  • Deploying and maintaining agents means less time for development

  • Lack of clear remediation insights create organizational friction

  • Absence of prioritized alerts leads to alert fatigue and missed critical issues

  • Limited technology integrations and APIs means more manual processes for DevOps

Cloud security
made for DevOps

Orca’s agentless Cloud Security Platform supports DevOps with an API-first strategy to fully integrate with CI/CD development processes and offers 100% security visibility into cloud assets as you test, deploy, and operationalize applications. Without the burden of installing agents, DevOps can remain agile and secure any modern architecture like Docker, Kubernetes, or serverless while knowing that any new assets are covered automatically.

Agentless security with full stack visibility

With Orca, you can identify cloud security risks early in the development process, including known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, IAM risks, API risks, sensitive data at risk, and lateral movement risk, without the headaches of agents.

  • No tedious agent integrations, performance hits,
    or coverage gaps.
  • Fast deployment in minutes, not months.
  • Multiple tools in one with a unified data model.
  • Deep and wide risk detection, covering cloud
    configurations and workloads.
Agentless security with full stack visibility

We prioritize alerts so you don’t have to

Unlike other tools that operate in silos, Orca sees the big picture and prioritizes risk based on context, eliminating wasted time sifting through meaningless alerts and enabling you to focus on the 1% of truly critical issues.

  • Orca considers the severity, accessibility, and business impact of a security issue to prioritize the critical few that pose the greatest risk.
  • Instead of just looking at security issues individually, Orca looks at how seemingly unrelated issues can be combined to create dangerous attack vectors.
  • Orca provides an actionable path to remediation, empowering security teams to quickly address cloud security risks.
Bring critical risks to the forefront

Build security into your CI/CD process

Embed comprehensive cloud security checks into your CI/CD process by leveraging Orca’s Command Line Interface (CLI), allowing you to shift left and discover issues early on in the development process.

  • Automatically run vulnerability scans and compliance checks using CIS benchmarks and custom policies.
  • Surface findings in native development tooling as well as the Orca Platform UI.
  • Integrate security with CI and development tools, including Jenkins, BitBucket, CircleCI, GitHub, GitLab, and more.

Actionable security intelligence for faster remediation

Orca enables security teams to query cloud estate data to find, investigate, and understand cloud security issues and create granular alerts for continuous monitoring without requiring development skills.

  • Orca’s Domain Specific Language enables users to create powerful contextual queries to answer questions such as: ‘Show me all internet-facing assets with a certain vulnerability’, or ‘Which of our internet-facing workloads are running a specific version of the sudo package’?
  • With built-in templates and an intuitive query builder, anyone can query their data and create custom alerts—no development experience required.
  • Custom queries and alerts can be integrated programmatically to create highly efficient CI/CD and remediation workflows.

Technology integrations that fit into your workflows

Orca offers a number of off the shelf integrations so you can fit Orca into your existing workflows, ensuring fast remediation and avoiding confusion about team responsibilities.

  • Send notifications of detected issues through email or
    messaging apps, such as Slack, PagerDuty, and OpsGenie.
  • Assign remediation tickets to the right teams through IT
    ticketing systems such as Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Extensive SSO support, including Okta, improves user
    experience and security.

Facilitating DevOps
with Agile Cloud Security


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AWS, Azure, GCP

“Even though DevOps reports directly to me, they still have their own way of working. I’ve been waiting six months for them to write a rule in another security product. But when I gave them Orca, they loved it. I’ve never seen adoption like this.”

Jack RoehrigChief Information Security Officer,

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AWS, Azure

“We went from years’ worth of pain to full visibility in a single afternoon. Take it from a guy who is in the trenches—that is profound.”

Peter RobinsonDirector of Cybersecurity and Business IT

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