Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Discover all sensitive data, address data risks, and adhere to privacy regulations

An illustration of data security posture management (DSPM) within the Orca platform

The Challenge

Cloud Data Security Tools Fall Short

With data scattered across multiple clouds and data stores, security teams need continuous visibility into where their sensitive data resides, who has access, and which data is at risk. Existing data security tools, however, are lacking in essential areas, such as automated data discovery, integrating data intelligence with other cloud risks, or delivering DSPM telemetry without requiring additional tools and integrations.

Legacy DLP tools rely on overburdened IT teams for manual data classification and struggle to keep pace in the cloud.

DSPM-only tools lack the wider context of cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, exposed APIs, lateral movement risks and other threats.

Platforms that require integration with third-party data security tools lead to higher costs, contradicting alerts, and inefficiency.

Our Approach

The Orca Cloud Security Platform performs continuous discovery of data stores across your cloud estate, and alerts to security and compliance risks, without requiring any additional tools. Instead of focusing solely on data security, Orca delivers a comprehensive, context-driven picture of sensitive data exposure, enabling organizations to prioritize risks effectively, reduce alert fatigue, and stay focused on what matters most–from a single platform.

Gain full awareness of data storage assets, sensitive data, and attack paths in your multi-cloud estate, including shadow data.

Fast and frictionless deployment–get an accurate data inventory in minutes without the need for agents, additional tools or integrations.

Be alerted to critical data-related risks, including missing encryption, overly permissive identities, and susceptibility to lateral movement, along with remediation recommendations.

Discover and classify data in your cloud

Orca’s DSPM dashboard provides data security teams with an overview of their cloud data stores, sensitive data, and security and compliance alerts. Orca scans managed, unmanaged, and shadow data, giving security teams wide and deep visibility into where their data resides.

  • Get a multi-cloud inventory of data storage assets—including databases, and files in virtual machines, storage buckets, and containers.
  • Know which data stores contain sensitive data and of what type—including PII, PCI, PHI, or financial information—for both security and regulatory purposes.
  • Leverage interactive graphs that show the location and relationship between data stores and other cloud entities.
Orca Security's Discovery dashboard featuring all entities results
Orca Security's attack flow dashboard and impact score

Shrink the data attack surface

Orca scans the entirety of your cloud estate, surfacing direct and indirect data risks, allowing security teams to take preventive steps to reduce their data attack surface.

  • Detect and prioritize risks that endanger sensitive data on managed and self-hosted databases, and every workload across your cloud estate.
  • Understand how dangerous attack paths can be formed through the combination of data misconfigurations with other cloud risks including vulnerabilities, malware, lateral movement risks, and API risks.
  • Leverage actionable risk telemetry, indicating the location of sensitive data and masked data samples for efficient triaging and remediation.

Ensure continuous data compliance

Orca provides a single, unified cloud security platform for verifying that sensitive data stores comply with regulatory frameworks and industry benchmarks, including data privacy requirements.

  • Be alerted when the storage of sensitive data violates compliance regulations.
  • Leverage 150+ out-of-the-box templates—or build custom frameworks—to quickly understand and measure compliance across clouds.
  • Stay ahead of audits and adhere to common compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
Orca Security's compliance and PCI DSS dashboard
An image and example of Orca Security's imminent compromise warning including a full summary

Monitor data activity

Orca continually monitors for suspicious activity that could endanger your organization’s sensitive data, so you can quickly investigate and triage any potential breaches.

  • Be alerted to active anomalous access patterns and other suspicious events and behaviors that could indicate potential data exfiltration attempts. 
  • For every alert, a detailed timeline of events is provided, as well as recommended remediation steps, enabling you to rapidly lower security risks.
  • Keep a real-time inventory of all cloud data, including its location and security posture.  Across the entire Software Development Lifecycle.

Orca Helps Keep Your Data Safe


North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific


Business Services

cloud environment


“We can’t ask developers things like ‘Did you think about security? When you start a new VM on AWS, can you please let me know so I’m able to scan it? Can you please deploy an agent on that machine for me?’ We need a better way to work. Orca provides that better way by eliminating organizational friction.”

Erwin Geirnaert Cloud Security Architect

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Financial Services

cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“We have 12 AWS accounts. We didn’t know what was in all of them, so we plugged them into Orca. Within 30 minutes we had a good idea of what was running in all accounts. We couldn’t have done that so quickly any other way.”

Jeremy Turner Senior Cloud Security Engineer

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