Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

The true CNAPP that secures all your cloud assets, data, cloud native applications, APIs, and more from a single platform

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

The Challenge

Siloed Point Solutions and Poorly Integrated CNAPPs

Security teams waste valuable time deploying and administering disparate point solutions and correlating high-volume, low-risk alert data from multiple or disjointed security tools. This leads to inefficiency and, even more importantly, the inability to see the big picture, which is essential to identifying attack paths and understanding which risks are the most critical and need to be fixed first.

Critical alerts are being missed because of alert fatigue caused by having too many point solutions.

Several ‘CNAPP’ solutions have been stitched together by acquiring different tools, lacking the unified insights of a true CNAPP.

Many CNAPP tools only offer limited shift left capabilities and completely miss tying issues in production back to code origin.

Our Approach

Orca’s agentless-first CNAPP for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes was built from the ground up as a truly unified cloud native platform: a single platform that provides 100% coverage, detects risks at every layer of your cloud estate, and sees the bigger picture to effectively identify the most critical risks that security teams should focus on.

Orca unifies many different point solutions in one platform, such as CSPM, CWPP, CIEM, DSPM, Container security, and much more.

Orca effectively prioritizes risks and recognizes when seemingly unrelated issues can be combined to create dangerous attack paths straight to your crown jewels.

Orca’s CNAPP shifts security left by seamlessly integrating into the CI/CD process so that applications can be secured from code to cloud – and back.

Orca’s CNAPP leverages Generative AI to lower skill thresholds, simplify tasks, accelerate remediation, and improve understanding of risk.

2023 Gartner CNAPP Market Guide

2023 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)

The Comprehensive CNAPP with 100% coverage

Orca’s patented SideScanning™ technology allows you to deploy comprehensive cloud native security in minutes without requiring agents – providing 100% continuous coverage and automatically including any newly added assets.

  • Replace many disparate point solutions with a purpose-built CNAPP that combines workload-deep intelligence with cloud configuration metadata in a truly unified data model.
  • Surface all cloud risks, including vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risks, IAM risks, API risks, sensitive data at risk, and suspicious activities.
  • Streamline cloud security and compliance across all your cloud platforms from a single CNAPP, ensuring policies are aligned and avoiding duplicate efforts.
Snapshot of Orca Security's CNAPP dashboard interface
Snapshot of Orca Security's Web App interface

Strategic remediation with attack path analysis to understand risks

With multi-cloud attack path analysis, Orca helps security teams work smarter and utilize their resources in the most effective way. Instead of trying to fix all risks, Orca shows teams how to remediate strategically by highlighting which cloud security risks:

  • Endanger their most critical business assets
  • Are part of the most attack paths with the highest severity
  • Affect the most cloud assets
  • Are exposed by the most cloud assets

Armed with this intelligence, security teams instantly know where their time is best spent, relieving alert overload and burnout, as well as dramatically improving security outcomes.

Security across the full application lifecycle–and back again

Orca’s CNAPP secures cloud native applications in development by identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as code is built before it’s deployed to production and helps security teams coordinate remediation with development and DevOps.

  • Orca enables organizations to apply security policies early in development to avoid issues making it to production.
  • Automatically run compliance and security checks as part of the CI/CD process, including IaC template and container image scanning. 
  • Orca traces findings from the production environment to their code origins, greatly accelerating the remediation of risks in cloud native applications.
Snapshot of Orca Security's scans log interface
Snapshot of Orca Security's remediation interface

Augmented Cloud Security with Generative AI

The Orca CNAPP Platform widely leverages AI to enhance the detection of risks, simplify investigations, and speed up remediation – saving cloud security, DevOps, and development teams time and effort while significantly improving security outcomes:

  • Accelerate cloud security remediation by applying AI-generated code for IaC and CLI or following steps in the console.
  • With cloud asset search that is as intuitive as asking a question, teams across the organization are empowered to make data-driven decisions.
  • Quickly apply identity policies to effortlessly right-size permissions and entitlements.

Complete and Prioritized Cloud Risk Intelligence


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“Orca adds value practically from the first day of use. With other tools, we wait months to see value coming from them.”

Vivek Menon Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

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“Orca gives us a complete cloud inventory to know about all our assets and workloads for vulnerability management.”

Aaron Brown Head of Cloud Security

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“Since the beginning, security has always been one of the most important pillars for C6 Bank. Orca helps us strengthen that pillar.”

Jose Luiz Santana Partner & CISO

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