Have you experienced a cloud breach?

Connect with our Cloud Incident and Response Experts

Orca Security offers the ability for organizations to understand and diagnose risks from potential cloud breaches, in partnership with leading cybersecurity consulting firm ModePUSH.

  • Our incident response consultants can analyze historical cloud audit log data covering workloads, identities, and activity to diagnose potential risks
  • Understand potential compromises, suspicious activity, and advanced threats, even after they may have occurred
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At ModePUSH, we recognize the dynamic and sprawling attack surface of cloud environments. In partnering with Orca Security, a leader in cloud security and visibility, we can now rapidly aid security and incident response teams with better visibility, data, and cloud telemetry than ever before when called to investigate breaches.”

Ben Harel
Co-Founder, ModePUSH

Cloud forensics and incident response process

Our team of cloud forensic experts will work with you to immediately identify, contain, and eliminate the threat within your environment. Allowing you to resume business operations faster.

Following your inquiry, our rapid response team will contact you to scope your environment.

Once scoping is complete, our team will deploy the Orca Cloud Security Platform along with our toolsets to analyze your cloud data, providing support for containment and remediation.

Using the Orca Platform, the forensics team will deliver resilience and roadmap recommendations to improve your cloud posture and prevent a repeat incident.