Cloud Native Security with Aqua Security

Cloud native security leaders Orca Security and Aqua Security are integrated to deliver visibility and protection. Access the benefits of deep, multi-cloud visibility and security provided by the Orca Platform, along with advanced runtime protection for cloud-native workloads offered by the Aqua Platform.

Runtime Protection for VMs, Containers, and Serverless Functions with Aqua

Through this data  integration, users can deploy Aqua’s advanced runtime protection capabilities to protect VMs, containers, Kubernetes applications and serverless functions at runtime. With Aqua, users can prevent container drift, ensure immutability, and surgically block malicious activities and malware across cloud native workloads using real-time behavioral detection.

Aqua advanced runtime protection and threat intelligence integrated into the Orca Platform

With the integration between Aqua and Orca, users can seamlessly protect cloud native applications across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

  • Cover all types of  workloads – VMs, containers, and serverless, including Windows and Linux containers
  • Prevent attacks with simplified security policy management via a single set of rules that can be defined once and deployed anywhere
  • Prevent drift, ensure immutability, surgically block malicious malware in real-time and prevent zero-day attacks across cloud native workloads using real-time behavioral detection