Shift Left Security
to Fix Flaws Early

Orca provides complete Shift Left Security for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates and container images from a single platform, ensuring that any vulnerabilities, secrets, misconfigurations, and malware are detected early in the development process.

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Shift Left Security to fix flaws early
Integration is Key

Disparate tools duplicate work and create friction

The benefits of Shift Left Security are clear. However, putting this process into practice is more difficult. Although there are security tools that scan either IaC templates or container images, many don’t do both or lack integration across the software development lifecycle. Without shared context and a unified platform, security teams struggle to address and remediate risks in development and production.

  • Developers need to identify vulnerabilities and security issues while shipping code quickly.

  • DevOps teams must manage policies and create integrations for multiple tools, duplicating efforts and hindering consistency.

  • Security teams struggle with siloed solutions, lack of shared context, and contradictory alerts.

Shift security left
in one platform

Orca reduces complexity by offering developers and
DevOps teams a single cloud security platform that
provides comprehensive security and compliance checks across the full software development lifecycle, including
IaC template and container image scanning. In addition,
Orca traces findings from the production environment
back to the original application development artifacts.

Securing every phase of the SDLC

Orca investigates the data and control plane for
vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, IAM risks, lateral movement risks and sensitive data exposure across the entire development lifecycle:

  • Build: Container images and IaC templates are scanned
    on the developer desktop or as part of regular,
    continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD)
  • Deploy: Registries are continually monitored to ensure application images are secure before deployment, with
    guardrail policies in place to prevent insecure
  • Run: Production environments are monitored for risks
    with contextual alerts and risk prioritization, as well as integrations with ticketing and notification tools.
Securing every phase of the SDLC

Shift Left with help from the right

Orca uniquely combines shift left scanning results with insights into the production environment (right side), so developers, DevOps and security teams can:

  • Correlate production risks back to the pre-deployment image
    or IaC template that was originally used to create the
    production instance.
  • Predict whether code changes could create dangerous
    attack paths when combined with existing risks in the
    production environment.
  • Collaborate in development and production, utilizing the
    same central security platform to reduce friction.
Shift Left with help from the right

Build security into your CI/CD process

Embed comprehensive cloud security checks into your CI/CD process by leveraging the easy-to-use Orca command-line interface (Orca CLI) to:

  • Automatically run all the critical security and compliance
    checks using CIS benchmarks and custom policies.
  • Surface findings in native development tooling as well as the Orca Platform UI.
  • Orca supports common CI and development tools,
    including Jenkins, BitBucket, CircleCI, GitHub, GitLab,
    and more.
Build security into your CI/CD process

Frictionless workflow integration

Orca offers a number of off the shelf integrations so you can fit Orca into your existing workflows, ensuring fast remediation and avoiding confusion about team responsibilities.

  • Forward findings to notification systems such as email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, and Slack.
  • Auto assign alerts to remediation teams with ticketing systems
    such as Jira or ServiceNow.
  • Automate remediation by integrating Orca with SOAR
    systems, including Torq and Brinqa.
Frictionless workflow integration

Orca simplifies DevOps
and DevSecOps tasks


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“Orca’s scan results are all digested and focused. We can immediately see the non-conformity to CIS that we should deal with first. We’ve integrated Orca with Jira—to assign the work to DevOps, we simply click a button.”

Nir RothenbergCISO

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