On this International Women in Engineering Day, Orca Security is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of women in the field of cybersecurity. Today, we spotlight Bar Kaduri, Threat Research Team Leader at Orca Security, whose dedication, expertise, and leadership have made a significant impact on our company and the broader cybersecurity community.

Fun Facts About Bar

Beverage of choice: Sparkling water and coffee, coffee, coffee!

Favorite food: Sushi

Hobbies (Present and Past): Bar’s passions include music, playing various instruments, singing, performing with her band, and providing backing vocals for artists. She also enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and histories.

First job: Bar worked at a bakery after high school.

Bucket list: Travel any corner of this world.

Random fun fact: Bar is an avid fan of live music, having traveled internationally multiple times to see her favorite bands perform. As a dedicated Oasis fan, she has been on their top Spotify listeners list for several years.

Where we would find you on a Saturday night: With her family or on a date with her husband.

Which tools do you use most in your job? Bar works with Elasticsearch and Looker, visualizing data from various databases. She has python scripts that gather data and stream it with cloud serverless functions. Recently, she’s also working with Workato to improve automation of these pipelines. Since she manages the team, she works a lot with Slack’s feature of Canvas which helps managing small tasks and notions in addition to Jira. And of course, last but not least – ChatGPT.

Bar’s Journey at Orca Security

Bar joined Orca in 2021 as a Threat Researcher and quickly rose to the position of Team Leader in March 2023. She now leads a team of five cloud security researchers from the Orca Research Pod, responsible for conducting novel research and development efforts to support our mission of helping organizations operate in the cloud with confidence.

Throughout her tenure at Orca, Bar has been instrumental in driving critical initiatives, including:

Empowering Women in Cybersecurity

Bar’s impact extends far beyond her role at Orca Security. As a passionate advocate for empowering women in cybersecurity, she has dedicated her time to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of female professionals. Bar has given talks to high school girls, encouraging them to explore STEM fields and breaking down stereotypes. She has also hosted workshops to teach women essential skills, such as hacking techniques and navigating cloud security, providing a supportive learning environment.

Bar is actively involved with Hackeriot, a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting women in cybersecurity and helping them integrate into the industry. Through mentorship programs, sharing her expertise, and collaborating with other volunteers, Bar contributes to creating a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity community. 

By generously sharing her time, knowledge, and experiences, Bar is making a tangible difference in the lives of aspiring women in cybersecurity. Her tireless efforts to empower and uplift women in the field are crucial in addressing the gender imbalance that currently exists in the industry, serving as a powerful example of how individuals can actively work towards creating a more diverse and inclusive future for the field.

Influential infosecurity speaker

Bar is also frequently a speaker at international events, such as UK CyberWeek in April this year, where Bar talked about the biggest cloud security trends to watch out for in 2024, featuring real-world stories and stats. 

Breaking Barriers and Paving the Way

Bar’s journey is a powerful testament to her unwavering determination and the impact she has made in the face of gender barriers. Like many young girls who excel in math and science, Bar faced societal pressures discouraging her from pursuing these fields. However, she refused to let these expectations define her path. With tenacity and perseverance, Bar not only excelled in her studies but also gained entrance into the prestigious Elite Technology Unit as an HR officer. However, her superiors quickly recognized her curiosity and aptitude for technology. After a short time, they decided to promote her to a professional cybersecurity role, where she learned everything independently from scratch. During her three years in the unit, Bar made a significant impact on numerous exciting projects, shattering glass ceilings by becoming the unit’s first and only female captain in a technical role.

Bar’s achievement is all the more remarkable considering the global male dominance in the industry and the discrimination often faced by women in technology roles. Her success in this elite unit is a testament to her exceptional leadership abilities, advanced technical skills, and strategic thinking. As a trailblazer, Bar serves as a beacon of inspiration for women in STEM, challenging gender biases and societal expectations. Her journey encourages women to fearlessly pursue their passions and reminds us that with determination and resilience, we can break through barriers and pave the way for future generations.

At Orca Security, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We are inspired by Bar’s achievements and her dedication to empowering women in cybersecurity. On this International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate Bar and all the remarkable women who are breaking barriers, driving innovation, and shaping the future of our industry.