Orca Security vs.Prisma Cloud +Prisma Cloud Compute

Security teams are weary of unsupported marketing claims and lack of technical specifics. Cloud Security Punch-Out puts cloud security solutions to the test with a practical demonstration so you can see the pros and cons for yourself. In this Punch-Out we go head-to-head with Prisma Cloud and Prisma Cloud Compute. Let’s go.

Top reasons to choose Orca over Prisma Cloud

Despite Being A Suite These Two Products Don’t Like To Talk

The two sides of Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud are acquisitions from 2018 of Redlock (Cloud) and 2019 of Twistlock (Compute).

  • Despite now being part of the platform for years they share very little data between each other, which is something that the industry thinks is the future of cloud security.
  • We found that cloud versus compute inventory, alerts, and compliance are still completely separate areas of the product.

The Days Of Winning By Number Of Alerts Are Over

Our industry has built a whole security tool category in SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) to help add context and prioritize alerts that lack enough detail on their own.

  • This happens when vendors build products that raise many security alerts and risk them absolutely without any consideration of context
  • All alerts are important, but high and medium severity alerts should be reserved for those things that truly make a tangible difference to my security posture
  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud simply raised too many high severity alerts that would have any security operations team wasting time on implementing changes that matter far less than others.

Security Agents Mean Less Coverage, and Less Coverage Means Trouble

Having to install software on each resource before understanding the risks associated with them is fraught with challenges right from the start.

  • Competing interests and varying cloud maturity levels across business units and disciplines means that cloud initiatives don’t all get started in the same standard way
  • Orca leverages cloud native methods of understanding and deep SideScanning every single workload that exists within your cloud estate without exception.

Compare Orca Security to Prisma Cloud

  • Feature
  • Deployment
  • Easy & Fast Deployment

    Orca’s platform is deployed in minutes with no agents to install. From that point on, all assets are covered.

  • Inefficient Deployment

    Prisma Cloud is deployed at the cloud level like Orca, but for workload coverage requires agents to be installed.

  • Context-aware Prioritization
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  • Priortized Critical Alerts

    Orca evaluates alerts using context, allowing the truly critical alerts to be effectively prioritized.

  • Alert Quantity over Quality

    Prisma Cloud tries to “win by volume” in terms of alerts, contributing to alert fatigue.

  • Malware Detection
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  • Multi-pronged Approach

    Orca leverages signature-based, heuristic, and dynamic malware scanning to detect known and unknown malware.

  • Cumbersome Agent-based Approach

    Prisma Cloud’s agents spend valuable workload processing resources to detect malware, and still often miss the mark.

  • Coverage
  • Real-time Cloud Security

    Orca automatically covers 100% of your entire cloud estate, including new assets as they are added.

  • Gaps & Inefficiencies

    Prisma Cloud can only detect risks on workloads that have an agent installed, which inevitably leads to many blind spots.


North America


Financial Services

cloud environment

AWS, Azure

“Orca is a great solution for us because we want to give developers the power to be innovative, but need to scan close to real-time without impacting their operations.”

Thomas HillCISO
Live Oak Bank

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North America



cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“Anything that impacts development is going to be met with resistance. But with Orca SideScanning there is zero impact on systems. It’s also easy to use.”

Jonathan JaffeCISO

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