Cloud Security Punch-Out!

Orca Security vsRapid7 InsightVM

Cloud security vendors often make big claims about their products and services. We decided to put many of those claims to the test in the Cloud Security Punch-Out series. This round features Rapid7 InsightVM.

Top reasons to choose Orca over Rapid7 InsightVM

Agent-based Security Tools Do Not Move At Cloud Speed

This Punch-Out round saw a familiar result to others in the series:

  • Non trivial-changes to the lab environment were required to accommodate agent-based traffic.
  • The agent could not support all workloads, resulting in gaps in coverage.
  • As your cloud environment scales, agents must be installed for every new workload—a tedious and resource-heavy process.

Containers Need Security Too

By now, supporting containers is considered a standard capability for any cloud security platform, but Rapid7 InsightVM struggled to:

  • Understand the Docker-based container used in our test environment.
  • Map the appropriate Docker-based compliance standards.
  • Support the OS where our container was running.

Lack of Contextual Insight Results in Ineffective Risk Prioritization

Like many bundled CSPMs and CWPPs, the CSPM-type offering as part of the Rapid7 InsightVM platform:

  • Ranks rather benign observations as ‘high severity’.
  • Has little correlation to the workload (agent) side of the product.
  • Has no compliance capability.

Compare Orca Security to Rapid7 InsightVM

  • Feature
  • Deployment
  • Easy & Fast Deployment

    Orca’s platform is deployed in minutes with no agents to install. From that point on, all assets are covered.

  • Inefficient Deployment

    Rapid7 is deployed using agents, and that means installing an agent on each resource before you can monitor it.

  • Zero Touch / Worry-Free Operation
  • Continuous Cloud Security

    Orca deploys once and subsequently operates silently and with a complete coverage guarantee.

  • Involved Maintenance

    Rapid7 InsightVM requires real changes to your networks for agent traffic and the installation and maintenance of agents on a continuous basis.

  • Malware Detection
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  • Multi-pronged Approach

    Orca leverages signature-based, heuristic, and dynamic malware scanning to detect known and unknown malware—without any performance impact.

  • Cumbersome Agent-based Approach

    Workload agents spend valuable workload processing resources to detect malware.

  • Compliance
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  • Built-in Compliance

    Orca supports 35+ compliance standards using out-of-the-box templates that can be customized to your needs.

  • Questionable Compliance

    Rapid7 InsightVM did a poor job of host-based compliance and did not offer cloud compliance at all.


North America


Financial Services

cloud environment

AWS, Azure

“Orca is a great solution for us because we want to give developers the power to be innovative, but need to scan close to real-time without impacting their operations.”

Thomas HillCISO
Live Oak Bank

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North America



cloud environment

AWS, GCP, Azure

“Anything that impacts development is going to be met with resistance. But with Orca SideScanning there is zero impact on systems. It’s also easy to use.”

Jonathan JaffeCISO

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