Centralize Your Security Assets and Risk Data with Orca Security and Axonius

Integrate your context-rich cloud security data and telemtry from Orca Security, with Axonius for centralized visibility of your IT infrastructure across the entire organization.


About Axonius

Axonius is a cybersecurity asset management platform for enterprise clients in industries including energy and retail. The platform has over 650 pre-built integrations designed to automate inventory management. Specifically, the Axonius software identifies loopholes in asset security based on company cybersecurity policies and sends automated alerts to relevant team members when a potential loophole has been found.

Axonius + Orca Security

By connecting to hundreds of data sources, Axonius gives IT and security teams a comprehensive view into an entire organization’s inventory, uncovers gaps, and triggers automated response actions whenever devices, users, and SaaS apps deviate from policies, controls, and expectations.

By feeding your Orca Cloud Security telemetry to Axonius, organizations are able to merge all of their contextualized cloud security data (inventory, risks, attack paths, etc.) with other security data collected from around the organization’s IT ecosystem and infrastructure. When combined, organization’s are able to centrally manage their entire security posture from one single-pane of glass.