Normalize and Control Costs of Moving and Storing Valuable Cloud Security Data with Orca Security and Cribl

Reduce the costs of your cloud security data sharing and storage by leveraging Cribl’s data stream for granular detail and control. Move the right data to the right places with speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency.


About Cribl

Cribl Stream is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives you the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, and route data from any source to any destination within your existing data infrastructure. With Cribl, you will achieve full control of your data, empowering you to best support your business goals.

Cribl + Orca Security

In a time when most organizations are trying to streamline and centralize data, in the form or data lakes or creating security data lakes, companies need to be cautious to cost and storing the right amount of data.

With Orca and Cribl, organizations can now control the types of data and the destination for which it is analyzed or stored. With Orca, customers can centralize and collect all their context-rich, cloud security data and telementy, from a single pane of glass. Connect your Orca Security Platform with Cribl, and joint customers are able to normalize and route data to any destination within your existing data infrastructure. Normalize and control the costs of sending your prized cloud security data from Orca to any SIEM or Data Lake/Data Storage provider of your choice.