Unify Your Context-Rich Cloud Security Data with Cyber Asset Information from Your Entire Tech Stack

Gain deeper insights and context by centralizing security visibility across your entire organization with Orca’s complete cloud security coverage and JupiterOne’s cyber asset management platform.


About JupiterOne

JupiterOne is a cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) platform that helps our customers easily map, analyze, and secure complex cloud environments. JupiterOne consolidates and normalizes asset data across your complex, multi-cloud environments. We collect identity, code, security, endpoint, infrastructure, and ephemeral asset data, and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment.

JupiterOne + Orca Security

Combine all cloud security risks and asset telemetry with cyber asset information from your entire tech stack for centralize security visibility and better intelligence. Integrating Orca’s full coverage of cloud security data with JupiterOne’s asset management platform allows your security teams to gain deep insights and contextual intelligence from cloud infrastructure, applications and workloads to bolster your cyber asset inventory.