Connect Orca Security with Slack for Fast Notifications and Improved Communication

Remove the team-siloes and reduce alert fatigue by connecting Orca with Slack and enabling mission critical security alerts to be received and discussed directly within Slack’s messaging platform.

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About Slack

Slack is a messaging platform designed specifically for the workplace. Slack offers many IRC-style features, including persistent chat rooms organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. The Slack platform has introduced a new way to communicate with your teams; enabling faster, better organized, and more secure communication throughout the organization.

Slack + Orca Security

For Security and DevOps teams, getting cloud security risks from “found” to “fixed” can be a diligent process. Usually, this can evolve many different teams to correlate the context of the issue, collaborate on who should be responsible for remediating, and how to actually resolve it. That is why many organizations turn to a communication and messaging platform like Slack to make sure the right issues are sent to the right team members for effective team collaboration and quicker remediation.

With the Orca Cloud Security Platform integrated with Slack, cloud security issues can be seamlessly distributed to the platform that teams are already working in; enabling team collaboration and filtering alerts to go to channels that only contain the team members responsible for responding. Customize your alerts to feed to the right teams – further reducing alert fatigue – based on severity, environment, etc. Orca includes granular depth of detail and context so teams can focus on collaborating and resolving issues, directly from the messaging platform they are already using.