Accelerate Response and Remediations for Cloud Security Alerts with Orca Security and Tines

Deliver accelerated response and remediation, increase efficiency, and improve your cloud security posture with the no-code, end-to-end automation with Orca Security and Tines.

About Tines

In security, and beyond, human creativity is wasted on executing repetitive manual procedures. Tines exists to empower people at the frontlines to robustly automate their work, without code. Automate the tedious, routine parts of security operations with Tines security automation. Designed to help you rapidly build and deploy unique workflows that help solve need like employee obnoarding to classic SOAR capabilities like cloud detection & response – all in the same tool.

Tines + Orca Security

Security and DevOps teams must be closely aligned if they’re going to optimize the cloud’s speed and agility without putting assets at risk. Working together to identify, understand, and respond to security alerts quickly and accurately is critical to reducing security risk in the cloud. This is no small task, but automation can help.

Combining the power of Orca and Tines eliminates silos between security and DevOps teams, standardizes cloud security operations, and accelerates alert response and remediation. With Orca and Tines, organizations can address more risks, and do so faster – delivering significant overall improvements to their cloud security posture.