Merge Orca’s Cloud Vulnerability Risk with Vulcan Cyber for Streamlined Vulnerability Management

Streamline vulnerability management from cloud to ground for better prioritization, orchestration, and mitigation efforts and improved overall security postures.

Vulcan Cyber and Orca Security

About Vulcan Cyber

Vulcan Cyber’s® vulnerability risk management platform breaks down organizational cyber risk data into measurable, manageable, elements to help security teams go beyond their scan data and actually reduce risk. With powerful prioritization, orchestration and mitigation capabilities, the Vulcan Cyber risk management SaaS platform provides clear solutions to help effectively manage risk. Vulcan Cyber enhances teams’ existing cybersecurity stack by connecting with all the tools they already use, supporting every stage of the cyber security lifecycle across cloud, on-premises, IT, and application attack surfaces.

Vulcan + Orca Security

Orca Security eliminates organizations’ cloud security challenges by providing complete coverage across all cloud risks – spanning misconfigurations, identity risks, data security, advanced threats and vulnerabilities throughout the entire cloud estate. Connecting the Orca Cloud Security Platform to Vulcan Cyber enables organizations to send the enriched cloud vulnerabilities identified by Orca with vulnerabilities identified by other scanning tools active in the rest of the IT environment. Once ingested, Vulcan Cyber will holistically prioritize and manage these vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

By breaking down cyber risk into measurable and manageable elements, security teams can leverage the prioritization, orchestration, and mitigation capabilities of Vulcan Cyber to streamline their vulnerability management efforts. The platform seamlessly integrates with Orca, enabling security teams to marry their cloud and existing cybersecurity stack, and support every stage of the vulnerability lifecycle.

Orca Security and Vulcan Cyber Screenshot