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Actionable security intelligence for faster remediation

Get actionable intelligence in front of the right teams at the right time with cloud security automation and customization. Prioritize, customize, and integrate alerts into your existing workflows to improve efficiency, expedite remediation, and increase ROI.
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No actionable data = Ineffective security

An abundance of cloud security data is available, but it is difficult to consume and act on. This leads to inefficient workflows between security, DevOps, and IT, resulting in organizational friction and critical alerts being missed.

  • 53% of security professionals struggle to pinpoint which security incidents are critical versus those that are just noise. 1
  • 47% spend over 4 hours every day dealing with security alerts. 1
  • 40% say that the alerts they receive lack actionable intelligence to investigate. 2

Security that
works for you

With Orca, security teams can query cloud estate data to quickly access essential intelligence and automatically assign cloud security issues to specific teams for more efficient triage, remediation, and compliance management.

Work smarter, not harder

Orca uses a simple, yet expressive query language that offers three core capabilities: advanced querying, alerting, and automation. Write custom alert queries or leverage over 600 system queries that are available out-of-the-box.

  • Query data to filter or search for assets.
  • Search and investigate security issues.
  • Monitor and alert on compliance and standards violations, and other security issues.
  • Define asset/issue groups and assign them to IT and DevOps teams for remediation.
  • Automate ticketing and reporting.

No development experience needed

Orca leverages a Domain Specific Language that enables users to create powerful contextual queries. With built-in templates and an intuitive query builder, anyone can query their data and create custom alerts—no development experience required.

  • Write custom alert queries or leverage over 600 system queries available out-of-the-box.
  • An intuitive query builder tests and validates rules, and displays available attributes and commands.
  • System queries also include compliance control rules for every compliance benchmark that Orca supports.

Automated monitoring and workflows improve efficiency

If you can query it, you can monitor it. Automate your cloud security by creating custom alerts from queries and integrating these into existing remediation workflows with Orca’s auto-ticketing support.

  • Set up customized alerts to be notified when cloud developers violate internal security policies.
  • Forward alerts to email, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or Slack, and leverage Orca’s technology integrations to automate ticketing with Jira or ServiceNow.
  • Rich contextual information is provided with alerts to allow remediation teams to operate independently and efficiently.

Ensure continuous compliance

Orca includes queries that map directly to compliance controls across all key frameworks, including PCI-DSS, AWS CIS, Azure CIS, GCP CIS, Docker CIS, Orca Best Practices, and many more.

  • Turn any compliance check into a query, and automatically trigger an alert.
  • Compliance alerts pinpoint where control checks have failed.
  • Compliance frameworks can be customized (add, delete, or modify) to align with your business needs.

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“Orca lets us give different users access for different roles. The CISO is interested in compliance. The security engineer looks at vulnerabilities and alerts. The developer can learn from the dashboard why something is a problem.”

Erwin GeirnaertCloud Security Architect

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