Context Matters! Not All Security Alerts Are the Same
Security operations teams are drowning in improperly risked alerts lacking actionable details. Learn how Orca scores risks based on real world context.
CentOS Linux 8 End-of-Life: Identifying Risks
Red Hat announced the end of life for CentOS Linux, including v8. This has users struggling to identify where and how to update their platforms.
Cloud Security Punch-Out! — Check Point CloudGuard vs Orca Security
In this match, we put CheckPoint CloudGuard into the ring. CheckPoint CloudGuard is largely based on the acquisition of Dome9 Security in 2018, and is a cloud security posture manager (CSPM).
Cloud Security Punch-Out! – Rapid7 InsightVM vs Orca Security
In this match, we put Rapid7 InsightVM into the ring. Rapid7 InsightVM uses a combination of workload agents and network scanners. Rapid7 scanners support many compliance standards.
Industry Solutions
Cloud Security and Compliance for Financial Services
Orca Security has unique capabilities built specifically to respond to the public cloud security and compliance needs of global financial services customers.
Cloud Security Punch-Out! – Orca Security vs Prisma Cloud
In this match, we put both Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud and Prisma Cloud Compute in the ring. Compare the ease of deployment and coverage, as well as how alert findings reduce risk.
A New Approach to Public Cloud Security
Learn about Orca Security’s Revolutionary Approach in 8 Minutes
Orca Security Overview
Meet Alice. Alice deploys Orca in less than five minutes so she can get work-load level security and visibility across 100% of her public cloud environment.
Technical White Paper
SideScanning™ Technical Brief – Inside the Engine that Powers Orca Security
Delivered as SaaS, Orca’s SideScanning™ technology reads your cloud configuration and workloads’ runtime block storage out-of-band.
Analyst Report
451 Research Report on Orca Security’s Light, Agentless Approach to Cloud Security
“Orca’s combination of SaaS delivery, SideScanning technology, and access to cloud configuration APIs provides security visibility and context into different aspects of cloud security with less friction than agent-based approaches.”   Fernando Montenegro Principal Analyst, Information Security 451 Research
Cloud Security Punch-Out! — Orca Security vs Qualys Cloud Platform
In this match, we put Qualys Cloud Platform into the ring. Qualys has added some CSPM features and the majority of the platform is experienced through Qualys Cloud Agents and scanners.
Market Overview
Comparing Cloud Asset Visibility Solutions
See how agent-based solutions, unauthenticated network scanners, authenticated network scanners, and cloud security posture managers (CSPMs) compare to Orca Security
On-Demand Webcast
2020 Winner of 20X20 Innovation Challenge
Watch Gil Giron, co-founder and chief product officer, deliver his on stage presentation which won the 20X20 Innovation Challenge.
PCI-Compliant Workloads in the Cloud without deploying agents
Proving PCI-DSS compliance for cloud workloads still falls on the organization, as it has in the on-prem world. Here are the PCI requirements and how to meet them without installing any agents.
Identify Lateral Movement Risks in Your Cloud (Pre-Breach)
Orca Security has developed a unique way to detect weak passwords and protect our clients from brute-force, password-stuffing, and password-spraying attacks.
How Orca’s Cloud Security Solution Detects Weak Passwords
Orca Security has developed a unique way to detect weak passwords and protect our clients from brute-force, password-stuffing, and password-spraying attacks.
Orca Security: Deep Cloud Inspection
Have questions about Orca Security's technology? Watch Eric Gold hammer Orca's CEO with one question after another until he (and you) understand Orca's radical approach to public cloud security.
An MRI for Your Cloud Environment
Orca Security is like an MRI for your cloud in that it reads your cloud's "particles" to give a complete view of your cloud security risks without invasive agents or network scanners.
Not all Risks are Equal: Why Context Matters in Cloud Security
By combining data collected from your infrastructure and control planes, Orca builds a unified view of your assets in order to detect and prioritize vulnerabilities.
The Ultimate Guide to AWS, Azure, and GCP Cloud Asset Visibility
Conventional cloud visibility tools have blind spots. This ultimate guide covers the pros and cons of conventional approaches and includes a comprehensive solutions comparison matrix.
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