We are excited to collaborate with the industry’s leading cloud solution provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), to offer a simple way to deploy a risk-free, 30-day assessment of your cloud security environment, now available on AWS Marketplace. Orca Security is the pioneer of agentless cloud security that is trusted by hundreds of enterprises globally to deliver comprehensive coverage and visibility into cloud risks. 

In a report commissioned by AWS for Forrester Consulting, research found that 33% of organizations surveyed use cloud marketplaces the most often when purchasing cloud software, and that they are currently expanding their usage of marketplaces for these purchasing decisions. As such, we understand customers are moving to the cloud at rapid speeds and leveraging the AWS Marketplace for their transactions, which is why we are making it easy for customers to get visibility into their AWS cloud environments via the marketplace.

“Orca Security was the first patented agentless cloud security platform on AWS Marketplace. We are excited about this recent availability of their free trial offering on AWS Marketplace because it gives AWS customers a chance to experience the full coverage and comprehensiveness that an 100% agentless CNAPP solution offers, with no obligation or upfront fees.”

Matthew Girdharry
WW Leader, Marketplace for DevOps, Observability, & Security

How to Start Your Free Trial

You can access our free trial via the “try it for free” button on our Orca Security page on the AWS Marketplace. You will also be able to see vendor insights information on the marketplace to provide a more comprehensive view into the security information for our agentless platform.

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights helps simplify third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information into a unified dashboard. It helps streamline the procurement process by granting buyers access to evidence made available by sellers related to data privacy and residency, application security, and access control. 

See for yourself how easy cloud security on AWS can be by starting your free trial today.