Life at Orca Security revolves around the Pod – the people who have joined Orca’s mission to make the cloud a safer place for all. The ‘Pod Spotlight’ is a Q&A series dedicated to showcasing all of the amazing talent at Orca Security.

Today we’re spotlighting Alex Sevo, Software Developer, Orchestrator and Onboarding, working from the Tel Aviv office.

Why did you choose to work at Orca Security, and when did you join?

I joined the company in November 2020 because of the welcoming and kind vibe from Mor Himi and Dror Zalman, who personally recruited me. Additionally, the opportunity to work at a company with a cutting-edge tech stack while focusing on cloud development aligned perfectly with my career aspirations. It’s the ideal combination of great tech and people that drew me to Orca Security.

What advice do you have for people getting started in your field?

My advice would be to embrace new technologies, remain curious, and be eager to learn. Dedicate yourself to delivering your best in every task and build trust with others through being reliable. Challenge yourself by exploring outside your comfort zone to expand your knowledge and stay engaged with product discussions. Continuous learning and curiosity will be your keys to success in the dynamic world of high-tech development.

How has working at Orca Security challenged you to grow? 

Orca has challenged me to grow by incorporating a vast tech stack and managing the complexity of its platform, including the implementation of the SideScanning™ patent. Navigating the interplay of multiple technologies demands a deep understanding of diverse frameworks, fostering continuous skill development. The unique and ambitious features push developers to think innovatively and solve complex problems, leading to constant growth and professional advancement within the team.

What’s the best thing about working within a team?

The best thing about working within a team is the opportunity to collaborate and connect with amazing individuals. The quality of people within Orca, including their warmth, and the genuine connections possible here, create a supportive and enriching environment. R&D members are always willing to help each other, fostering a sense of acceptance and camaraderie that enhances both personal and professional growth. Working together as a cohesive unit allows for diverse perspectives, collective problem solving, and the chance to achieve more than what can be accomplished individually. 

“Working together as a cohesive unit allows for diverse perspectives, collective problem solving, and the chance to achieve more than what can be accomplished individually.”

Thank you, Alex, for taking the time to sit down and let us know what life is like working at Orca Security! We’re proud to have you swimming with the Pod. 

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