Life at Orca Security revolves around the Pod – the people who have joined Orca’s mission to make the cloud a safer place for all. The ‘Pod Spotlight’ is a Q&A series dedicated to showcasing all of the amazing talent at Orca Security. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the hardworking women who help Orca thrive! 

Today we’re spotlighting Kate O’Donovan, Enterprise Account Executive based in Chicago, IL.

Why did you choose to work at Orca Security, and when did you join?

I was blown away by the value Orca delivers to customers and joined the pod in October 2021. I am a self-proclaimed “startup junkie” who has spent the majority of my sales career selling disruptive technology into new markets. I enjoy the fast-paced and evolving nature of startups, and feel great pride helping clients achieve their business goals using new and innovative technology.

What advice do you have for people getting started in your field?

I have three key pieces of advice to share: 

  • Don’t let a lack of experience prevent you from jumping in. The security industry is rapidly changing which creates value in learned “on-the-job” experience.  
  • Seek out mentors to help you hone your skills, transfer knowledge, and network professionally.  
  • To stay current in this dynamic market, embrace a growth mindset.

“Don’t let a lack of experience prevent you from jumping in. The security industry is rapidly changing which creates value in ‘on-the-job’ experience.”

How has working at Orca Security challenged you to grow? 

Working at a company who is at the forefront of innovation for its industry has taught me the importance of active listening. Companies seeking to sustain a high velocity of development must practice the art of mindful listening to drive innovation from clients, partners and co-workers.

What’s the best thing about working within a team?

Amy Poehler once said, “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” I have worked with numerous high-performing business teams throughout my career and love the synergistic effect that comes from spending time together, working towards a shared goal and celebrating success.  Many of my closest, lifelong friends have started out as teammates! 

Thank you, Kate, for taking the time to sit down and let us know what life is like working at Orca Security! We’re proud to have you swimming with the Pod. 
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