Life at Orca Security revolves around the Pod – the people who have joined Orca’s mission to make the cloud a safer place for all. The ‘Pod Spotlight’ is a Q&A series dedicated to showcasing all of the amazing talent at Orca Security.

Today we’re spotlighting Ori Ron, Head of Legal working out of the Tel Aviv office.

Why did you choose to work at Orca Security, and when did you join?

I joined Orca in June 2021, so two years ago. Prior to that, I was Orca’s external legal counsel for an additional year. I saw joining the company as an opportunity to dive into the realm of in-house counseling in the cybersecurity space, while getting to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

What advice do you have for people getting started in your field?

My advice would be to always try and educate yourself (through speaking with people or reading) and express keen interest in your chosen industry. Don’t hesitate to have one-on-one talks with stakeholders at your workplace to gain perspective of their day-to-day, which could help you become not only an invaluable legal resource but also a business partner to them.

How has working at Orca Security challenged you to grow? 

Orca is the fastest-growing company I have ever encountered. Keeping up with the company’s expansion challenged me to develop a very agile mindset and proactive critical thinking skills to stay abreast of how to support the various business units.

“Orca is the fastest-growing company I have ever encountered. Keeping up with the company’s expansion challenged me to develop a very agile mindset and proactive critical thinking skills.”

What’s the best thing about working within a team?

I feel that as Orca rapidly grew, we managed to maintain a mindset based on agility that typically characterizes smaller start-up companies. Many people here are happy to assist and remove obstacles in order to achieve our common goals, ultimately helping us grow and expand our reach while we work collaboratively. 

Thank you, Ori, for taking the time to sit down and let us know what life is like working at Orca Security! We’re proud to have you swimming with the Pod. 

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