Vendor services misconfigurations

Auto Scaling Group (ASG) health checks misconfiguration


Auto Scaling group is a logical grouping of instances for the purposes of automatic scaling and management. Auto Scaling helps you to ensure that you have the correct number of Amazon EC2 instances available to handle the load for your application, while load balancer acts as a single point of contact for all incoming web traffic to your Auto Scaling group. Health checks are the way of checking whether a certain instance is healthy or unhealthy (unhealthy instance is scheduled for replacement). It is done by checking the instance status and whether it is capable of performing its work successfully. The Health check types are - EC2 (default), ELB and custom health checks. Using ELB health checks with load balancer associated determine an instance's health based on additional tests provided by the load balancer. It was detected that the Auto Scaling group {AwsAsg} is associated with a load balancer that is not using ELB health checks. Using ELB health checks can help support the availability of applications that use Auto Scaling groups.