Data protection

AWS SageMaker notebook instance not configured with data encryption at rest using KMS key


AWS SageMaker is a service that enables to create, train, and deploy machine-learning models in the cloud. AWS SageMaker notebook instance provides a Jupyter notebook app through a fully managed machine learning AWS EC2 instance, and used to perform advanced data exploration. It was found that the AWS SageMaker notebook instance {AwsSagemakerNotebookInstance} is not encrypted at rest using AWS KMS.
  • Recommended Mitigation

    Ensure that your SageMaker notebook instance storage volumes are encrypted at rest with Amazon KMS Key. Please note that in order to enable data encryption for an existing AWS SageMaker notebook instance, you must re-create that notebook instance with the necessary encryption configuration. for more information: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>